a welcome from TACTUS

Stephanie Kramer & Catherine Robertson (soprano)
Jennifer Enns-Modolo & Valerie Nunn (alto)
Jake Neely & Marcus Kramer (tenor)
Kirk Lackenbauer & Gordon Burnett (bass)


VISIT: Grand Philharmonic Choir

TACTUS, an eight-voice vocal ensemble, specializes in repertoire of the European Renaissance and is dedicated to musical scholarship and excellence in performance techniques. Performing without a conductor and usually a capella, the ensemble’s work emanates from their combined skills and experience and from their intuitive connections to each other and to their passion for early music.

TACTUS has sung at the Guelph Spring Festival, Toronto’s Hummingbird Centre and has been featured on CBC Radio Two’s Music Around Us and Choral Concert. TACTUS was featured in Soul Music, a Vision TV documentary hosted by Howard Dyck. Artistic collaborations with Dancetheatre David Earle, the Toronto Bach Consort, Tafelmusik’s Charlotte Nediger and Sergei Istomin, Arbor Oak Ensemble, the Penderecki String Quartet and NUMUS have enabled TACTUS to branch into Baroque, 19th century and contemporary repertoire.

TACTUS has a loyal and enthusiastic following and has received fine critical response.

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